3 Tips to Landing a Great Man

Finding the perfect man can be pretty tough. Let’s face it – there are some pretty big jerks out there, and if you’ve been hitting the dating scene then there is a darn good chance that you have run into an unsavory guy or two. So the question is, do great guys exist, and if so, how in the heck do I find them? Fortunately for the people out there who are looking for the perfect guy, the answer is yes, the definitely do exist – you just need to know how and where you can find them. how-to-get-a-boyfriend

1. Finding a great dude isn’t going to happen over night, so one of the first things that we can stress is that you must have patience. If you end up on a date with a real dud, then abort mission as soon as possible, but don’t give up. Get back in the saddle, go and find another guy and see if he is the right one for you. Eventually you will find the one who is a great match, and you will be happy that you waited!

2. Shoot for finding a person who has the same values and beliefs as you. Let’s face it, if you are the church going type then chances are you aren’t going to meet the guy of your dreams at the local nightclub. I guess it’s a possibility, but if we’re being realistic here, you would probably be smart to stick to church socials and events when scouting out guys who you may want to date. A vice versa, if you enjoy going out on the town and getting wasted, then you may want to look for a guy at your local watering hole rather than the tabernacle down the street, if you get my drift.

3. Referrals work great. What do you mean by referrals and how is it going to get me a dude? Good question! If you’re in the market for a boyfriend, then why not see if your friends or trusted family members know of anyone who the can set you up with. After all, they know you best and they may be able to get you connected with a great match. Never underestimate the power that your friends have in the this department, and embrace the fact they probably know¬† a great guy for you to date!



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