Asking a Boy Out

Getting up the courage to ask a guy out can actually much harder than it sounds, so if this has given you the jitters in the past, don’t feel bad about it! It is totally normal to get nervous or butterflies in your stomach when it comes to getting up the courage to ask a boy on a date. Let’s be honest, girls asking boys out isn’t the norm from the traditional standpoint, so this may give many females pause, but if you’re really digging someone, and they haven’t askehow-to-ask-people-out-on-datesd you out, then why not take the initiative and do it yourself? Most of the time you will not be sorry that you did, and as soon as the words come out of your mouth you will feel a sense of relief that it is finally over.

There are few ways that you can ask someone out these days, and the modern social media world that we live in has really changed the game a bit. Face to face is always the preferred method, so if you are feeling super brave and asking a boy on a date in person isn’t something that would induce vomiting, then by all means you should go for it!

But, if you are more comfortable not doing it in person, then there are many other options that will make your life much much easier. Of course you can always pick up your phone and make a phone call. This still involves talking to the guy, so make sure you’re feeling comfortable and relaxed before dialing their number. Maybe write down what you want to say and practice a few times before actually calling him. Then, just do your best best to feel relaxed and natural. I usually like to have some music or TV on in the background to help distract me just enough.

Finally, if seeing the boy in person, or even just talking to him on the phone, then your next best option is going to be by sending him a text message, a private message on Facebook or Twitter, or even just a good ol’ fashion email. If you’re feeling really creative then come up with a funny Snapchat or something – whatever is going to make the process more comfortable for you and give the best opportunity for success!

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