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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

So you’ve just been through a nasty breakup, and have been left reeling. Maybe it wasn’t something that you wanted, and your man was the one who pulled the trigger, or maybe not. Either way, this can be a very emotional time for you, and often times leaves you wondering if you want to try […]

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Get Him to Come to YOU!

Let’s be honest: most ladies do not want to be the one having to ask a guy out. We realize that times have changed, but who doesn’t want the men coming to them? If you’re wanting to have guys ask you out on dates, instead of the other way around, then we have a few […]

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Asking a Boy Out

Getting up the courage to ask a guy out can actually much harder than it sounds, so if this has given you the jitters in the past, don’t feel bad about it! It is totally normal to get nervous or butterflies in your stomach when it comes to getting up the courage to ask a […]

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3 Tips to Landing a Great Man

Finding the perfect man can be pretty tough. Let’s face it – there are some pretty big jerks out there, and if you’ve been hitting the dating scene then there is a darn good chance that you have run into an unsavory guy or two. So the question is, do great guys exist, and if […]

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