Who is Michael Fiore?

For those unfamiliar with the dating scene, Michael Fiore is a certified love guru when it comes to tapping in to the inner workings of the human mind, and finding how to start or save a relationship. He has released a number of top-selling relationship and dating courses, that are unrivaled in quality, sophistication, and trustworthiness. Users of the Fiore systems like Text Your Ex Back, Language of Desire, Make Him Beg to Be YOUR Boyfriend, and many more. One thing that all of these programs have in common is the fact that they have worked for thousands of people, and this has gained Michael an incredible following of people who are in desperate need of high quality dating advice.

Fiore jumped into the Dating and Self-Help niche back in 2010, and since that time he has done nothing short of taking over the industry. With each new product, fans are greeted with a stellar system of step-by-step dating advice, that helps them answer the exact relationship questions that they were looking for. Whether it be advice on getting their boyfriend or girlfriend back after a tough break-up, how to use language as a tool for getting the man or woman of your dreams, or just the simple steps you can take to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, Michael has you covered.

who is michael fiore

Michael Fiore on the Rachel Ray Show in 2011.

Fiore is known as a bit of comedian because of his straight forward and right to the point style and this, along with his wealth of relationship knowledge and expertise, has garnered him a ton attention. In fact it even earned him an appearance on Rachael Ray’s show, after she found out about all of the success people were having utilizing his Text Your Ex Back system. Rachel was so enamored with Michael, that she admitted that he actually gave her the shivers because of the knowledge he had to share, and his ability to dissect relationships from almost any angle.

From that moment on Michael’s career has continued to explode, and his popularity reached new heights with his 2014 release of the Language of Desire (LOD) program. The LOD system teaches women how to talk so men will listen. This creates an enormous amount of desire for them, and because of these amazing tactics that Michael has created, thousands of women have reported a huge amount of success using this system.

Fiore resides in the Seattle area, with his longtime girlfriend (Big shocker there that he has a girlfriend – what else would expect coming from the Number 1 Dating Expert in the World?) and is always developing new and unique methods and programs to unleash on the dating world. While he is the mastermind behind pretty much every program that he releases, he also works with a host of experts in the field. So whenever you sign up to be a part of whatever new dating advice community he has created, you can be confident that there are many experts working behind the scenes to bring you the best quality stuff, that actually works! A ton of his stuff is based on actual research, so he’s not just putting junk out into the world, like a ton of other affiliate product creators out there.

Fiore’s programs are always more sophisticated than a simple eBook or PDF file, that many product creators offer. He puts together full fledged systems, so you have step-by-step guidance to dating – whether that might be starting a relationship, or learning how to repair one. His Text Your Ex Back System for example is filled with 11 modules, and these are made up of eBooks, videos, audio, and images. So you’re basically getting an entire course on saving your relationship, and it starts at less than $50, which is insane when you actually start to analyze the quality that you are getting for one amazingly low price.

So who is Michael Fiore? Well, we hope we have thoroughly answered that question. But in the simplest of terms, he is a man who offers the best dating products currently available on the internet. So if you go searching for relationship advice online, and you encounter a product with the Fiore name on it, you can be confident that you are about to purchase something that is as high quality as it gets!

And as a final shout out to Mike, here’s that clip from Rachel Ray that we mentioned above…Enjoy!

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