The Online Dating Site Reviews Are In And Is “The One”: Will It Work For You, Too?

The world of online dating can be a very intimidating place. Don’t let that discourage you! There are many ways to make it work, particularly if you team up with Here’s what you need to know.

What’s So Special About

the-best-of-match-dot-comYou have many different websites to choose from online, so how do you differentiate? Which one is going to give you the most satisfying end-user experience, and more importantly, which one is going to really help you find that special someone? has been around since 1995, so you know they are doing something right. Especially with the competition being so tough, you can’t hang around for more than a few months online if your customers aren’t being satisfied. Here are some of the ways Match rises high above the others:

A simple profile process: Some sites make completing your profile a 10 hour project or one so confusing, you need an IT department to help you figure it out. has a very smooth and simple process to create your profile which won’t take you long nor frustrate you to the point of fudging your way, just to get through.

Free browsing: With so many dating sites available, different types of people are going to gather at different types of places, but how do you know if they’re your kind of people? You certainly don’t want to have to pay first, only to discover a site of dark, goth personalities you’d never date. Conversely, if you tend to be more unique in your approach to life, you don’t want to sift through a million profiles of conventional folks who would never interest you. Free browsing is essential and Match has it.

Amazing search filters: No other site lets you search for significant others in such great detail. Rather than going through hundreds and hundreds of profiles to find a few people you’d like to talk to, Match narrows your search right off the bat, based on your choices.

Useful email filters: The unique criteria used for sending you emails can really narrow your search, because Match clearly identifies the people trying to talk to you as either someone you’d likely be interested in or someone you’d probably not want to engage. This saves a lot of wasted time and unnecessary trouble.

More photos to add: Many sites limit the number of photos you can post, which of course limits your ability to really show the world who you are and what your life is about. Post your pet, your vehicle, vacations, rooms in your house, art on your walls etc.

A quiz to narrow the options: With millions of users, finding a few that you’re going to be the most compatible with can be challenging. Fortunately, Match has a special quiz which helps you define yourself with great specificity to the site – meaning it will then be more capable of referring you to others who are similar in interests and personality to you.

How Do You Go About Presenting Yourself And Finding Someone?

Whether it’s your first time ever on a dating site or you’ve used other sites and not had successful results, you should look at this as an investment. As such, you need to really put a lot of thought into what you’re doing, unless you just like throwing money up in the air and seeing where it lands. While there aren’t really any rules set in stone, logic should prevail, and here’s how to make sure it does:

Be honest: Anyone you meet will eventually find out you’re not over six feet tall, so why exaggerate?

Be thorough: Little details help distinguish you from other people and can be very alluring.

Let a friend view your profile: Someone you trust for an honest and helpful opinion – before you post it!

Check-in often: Don’t obsess, but keep up with new profiles and responses to yours.

Answer (nearly) everyone: Even if you don’t think you’re interested, politely explore all the possibilities.

Give it time: Don’t expect cupid to strike on the first day – although stranger things have indeed happened.

Exercise caution: To protect your heart and the hearts of others, don’t rush things, no matter how awesome they seem. Be realistic and take things at a reasonable pace. Also, no matter how great a site is, there’s no substitute for your own common sense with Internet and personal safety.

Why Should You Take The Plunge With Match.Com?

This is a site that’s been around for quite a while, operates in no less than 25 nations in multiple languages and can single-handedly take credit for over 90,000 successful marriages! Those statistics are pretty impressive and should serve as a motivating factor in your quest, no matter if you’re searching for fun on weekends or a serious LTR.

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